Thursday, July 5, 2012

Said El Marouk And Maya Diab To Make Sexy Clips

There's a new pop diva in Lebanon, and her name is Maya Diab. Think of her as the dark horse of Arabic pop who dances, sings and show more skin than most would. She has at least two different TV shows, and now she is hot for concerts where she open for other acts.

The news story reads, she is to released three singles and collaborate with one of the boldest--some can say kinkiest music video directors in Lebanon. Maya has been know for her sexy legs and babe personality. Few years ago she was just a cool chick on TV, now it seems she is building an empire. Well whatever it takes to keep those dollars rolling in.

Just see how she dances and the dudes seem to dig it. I think she should stick to pop and sexy stuff and leave the classics untouched by her.

مايا دياب تتعاون مع الماروق وتطلق ثلاث أغانٍ جديدةٍ


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