Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Brief Lesson In History By Hisham-El Hajj

Hisham-El Hajj is a household name in Lebanon, he is the boy you go to for concerts that makes you smell and taste Lebanon from afar. The Lebanese diaspora loved this handsome singer who has manly voice worthy of performing the greatest Lebanese songs. I am a fan of Hisham's for more than five years.

Now comes the time when he gives back to his country and release a song that takes on a history of Lebanon and immigrants out of that country who went all over the world and helped build in those countries. Countries like Brazil, France, US and Ghana as well as many other places are the second home of countless brilliant Lebanese.

There is that airport scene when people depart/return home, Hisham assembles a Lebanese fest of debka dancers, flags and some awesome pictures of the most famous Lebanese icons. He gives a shout out for Lebanon and call it the Land of Gibran. He is asking for the immigrants to come back and stand united in serving their country that is facing political stand off once more.

Hisham gives a very touching Mawal toward the end where he says, hell with visas and embassies, let's stick together. He issues this call when hundreds of extras stand right behind him. He also calls on Muslim and Christians to live in harmony and not to let others divide them.

T3AMAR LEBNAN (Hisham El Hajj)


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