Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hossam Habib, "I'm Not on Facebook"

Pop singer and eye candy Hossam Habib wants you to know he is not on Facebook and he asks you to be careful not to buy into whatever fake accounts they have for him on Facebook. That's an OK message many entertains have done the same and denied their presence on the social media website.

But Hossam posted the message on Facebook, on the Wall of the page of the Egyptian musician Amro Mostafa (The guy who hates the revolution) It seems that both singer dudes are buddies and Hossam Habib is using Amr's account to pass the word. It remains unclear if someone posed as Hossam Habib and tried to get in touch with some of the lady fans of his.

As for Amr Mostafa he might be just happy that someone is still talking to him and that someone still calls him a friend. Since very few people can stomach this guy. Hossam is mild guy with a lot of pop cred, he needs to get on Facebook to keep tabs on his fans.

Hossam Habib Not on Facebook Message


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