Wednesday, March 2, 2011

HOSS: The Celebrity Egyptian Rapper

Hossam L Hossainy talks about his attempt to make rap a proper genre in Arabic. He started to rap in English, and he has never thought he wold be rapping in Arabic. Of course, the pioneers of Arab tend to be Palestinians and few Moroccans. Egyptians were late to the game as far as we can tell.

I came across this rapper when he collaborated with Egyptian pop star Tamer Hosny, it was an interesting collaboration that was received well in the Middle East, but to be honest I was't impressed by it. "Come Back to Me" gave Hoss an opportunity to rap in English and introduce him to Tamer's ever growing fan base. Another singer got his break on that track is Karim Mohsen, a guy we also like.

Oer his Facebook page here is how HOSS sees himself

Hossam aka HO$$ is a multi talented artist one of Egyptz n Arabiaz best Rapperz plus he'z a 3in1 Artist Director/Rapper/Actor.
Now working on his new Album Word War 1 released the 1st single called Weak Human Being رنسان ضعيف

Was Part of Arabian Knightz the 1st real hip hop group and movement in Egypt and the MidEast.
He's also a Creative Director, screenplay creative writer and a song writer he writes his own lyrics.
Been working in the entertainment business on different levels since he was 16 yrs old.
HO$$ was brought up in an artistic family, he's the son of Legendary Piano/Keyboard player Magdi L Hossainy and one of Middle East's best and most loved actress Nihal Anba
I think the rapper got his first break by appearing with Hisham Abbas music video Ya Habibi, which was a big success and got the name out there. Another thing, the first thing Arab rappers get right is the swagger as they dress the part, few can make good raps.

So here is the video that will introduce you to the career of this energizing rapper and all the behind the scenes you need to know.

Hossam L Hossainy HOSS Visual Biography


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