Friday, April 8, 2011

First Star Acedemy 8 Song is Upon Us

The song is about a lie, and the lies of love that gives you agony. Is love just a lie? That's what young El Kak is trying to figure out. His voice sounds really good, it does have an area to grow. He sounds like a Melhim Zain.

You will get the essential exciting Lebanese beat to balance Mohamad's sweet voice and tender lyrics. He calls her "a light that does not cancel out the dark", that's a false light. Very powerful line. then she used to give him smiles, but now it burns when he smiles.

This is the jaded song about darker matters of love where not everything is butterflies and smooth as it seems at first. While El Qaq who comes from Jordan is a natural and has a sweet smile, he can improve and often he will. Even thought he left the Academy now, but he is already singed up with a music label that will bring his work to the masses.

Mohammed-El-kak- Qaq Awalak El Dene Kezbe-محمد القاق اولكالدني كذبة


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