Monday, April 4, 2011

Meriam Faris Recording in Dubai

You know you love to see Myraim Faris in a concert because you know not only does she sings well, but also she dances and puts a show for you. The first lady of Lebanese pop is recording a new Gulf Dialect song in Dubai. That would be her third of fourth song in this dialect that Myriam has mastered.

Meriam who is in talks now with Platinum Records production to distribute the new Gulf album. Myraim who is one of the best selling Arab artists and the busiest one as her TV appearances are many and her concerts are spread all over the globe is careful about any new contract. "Ya Sarya", is the music video from the Gulf album, it will be filmed in souther Morocco. The album to be titled "Min 3oyoony", Maryam will be producing the entire album on her own.

On another hand, Emarti poet Anwar Misheery has revealed that the Lebanese singer will be singing one of his love poems Kither El Khayal. I do not doubt that Meriam is about the only singer that can put sexy back into the Gulf songs, she can inject some Vegas spirit to make Gulf pop hot once again.


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