Saturday, April 9, 2011

Morocco Gets Its Angry Rap Song

This song is unlike other rap songs say in Tunsia and Egypt that sparked the outrage, this one blames everyone but promotes nothing. The song attacks the youth and the religious people who represent the majority of the protesters. Bigg also goes after the political parties calling them sellouts.

This fat rapper seems to be soft on the king and the regime, he is against change in Morocco, he pledges allegiance to the king of the land, and calls for order. He does not like disorder that's why he would rather live with corruption and injustice just because he is worried about change. Not sure if a rapper should be doing that, but it seems Bigg has no problem getting his son heard on youtube.

Here is a bit of background info about the rapper, I found online

Given name Taoufig Hazeb, Bigg grew up with hip-hop as his own personal soundtrack. At age fourteen, he started his musical career with the group Thug Gang. He then moved on to Mafia C—one of the biggest groups in the early years of this century—before deciding that the only way to make a living as a rapper was to pursue a solo career just as hip-hop was making its break. Like his group work, Bigg’s solo efforts reflected his youthful immersion in the sounds of old school East Coast rap. During our conversation, Bigg displayed his knowledge of the genesis of hip-hop in the Bronx and emphasized the influence of East Coast artists, such as Afrika Bambaata, Run DMC and Nas, on his style. To end his history lesson, Bigg said he would like to produce a television show or create a website dedicated to teaching hip-hop history to young Moroccans who dig the music but don’t know the roots of the genre. Skillful at picking up a thought when I dangle it, he agrees that the Moroccan audience had needed time to become comfortable with hip-hop and to learn how to move with the beats. He attributes his ability to move naturally to growing up with the genre—it’s in his blood.

Don Bigg - Mabghitch توفيق حازب، الشهير بلقب "البيغ"، أغنيةمابغيتش


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