Friday, April 8, 2011

Iraqi UTN1 Now Arrives To America

The always fresh UTN1 all males band from Iraq had a wonderful year in 2010 where Tazkreen, theire music video introduced them to new fans and helped establish for a commercial success for this popular band that is hell bent on making good Arabic music and rocking its world.

The band will be filming a music video in New York City this week working with a Lebanese director. They are dedicating this song to the country that embraced them and helped them launch their music to the world, Lebanon. Yes, Lebanon is the home of Arabic pop, but it's the home of many music appreciators who enjoy what UTN1 has to offer.

Needless to say the song is in Lebanese dialect, Baddy Oul, "I Want to Say". It's a sober love song where fine melody, magical lyrics and world class vocalists all join in harmony to give you an experience.

Update: the clip has been filmed and now released to great reviews.

UTN1 - Baddy Oul / يو تي إن وان - بدي قول


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