Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nelly Maqdessi Remakes A Warda Gem

I bet you never saw it coming, Lebanese hottie singer Nelly Maqdessi doing old school songs. She said she would, but when you thought of her the pop princess she is, you dismissed her. But we were wrong to write her off, she has some Tarab in her and she is out to prove it to us all.

This time she chose a Warda song where Hilmi Baker put the music for the original Ala Einy song. See this music video where the young singer is accompanied by a live orchestra remaking some of fine music. the director of this join got the dress and the make up right to reveal as much classic grace as possible. Nelly toned down her Nelly-ness and gave a good performance.

Nelly Maqdessi - Ala Einy / نيللي مقدسي - على عيني


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