Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mohammad Diya Composter Turned Singer

Mohammad Diya did not know he had a good voice until he thought he can sing. He is a composer by profession and has collaborated on a number of pop songs that you came to love especially by Asalah like Ya Magnoon(see here). He comes late to the composer turned singer, a umber of famed composers have preceded him. I mention Mostafa Amar, Mohamad Ra'heem, Amro Mostafa, Karim Mohsen and now Ramy Gamal.

I would think that a composer getting into the singing business is a good move as most singers in the West are well versed in music, write their own lyrics and make their own music. Very few Arab singers cam claim that, many of them are just you do not get that feeling the singer is talking about. You get a good song with a good tune, but it's almost never perfect until you see the artist being in charge of the entire song (Try Marwan Khoury).

So now, you know I am not sure what to make of this song by Mohammad Diya, it's slow and serious subject, not my favorite style personally. I like more upbeat songs, but I know there are fans of this style of singing especially the sensitive dudes out there. I can say this about the music video, it feels like a very mature subject to tackle.

محمد ضياء بخبي عليك


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