Thursday, January 20, 2011

No One Loves Egypt Better Than Hamaki

Mohamad Hamaki may not have the strongest voice in Egypt and in Arabic pop, but no one loves Egypt more than he does and he is saying it loud. The hit-maker and pop icon who seems to be smarter than his peers based on his sections of songs and his interview skills. He does not pick fights and does not worry about people dissing him. He shows respect to more respected singers like his buddy Mohammad Foad, the right thing to do.

But last year after the fight between Egypt and Algeria over some soccer game, many singers recorded songs about their love to the motherland Egypt. Hamaki had this song back then with so many good things about it. The song is a declaration of affection to Egypt, a statement of its history and achievements.

Hamaki gives a list of great Egyptian icons that have accomplished great things in science, music, literature, entertainment and in sports. Very few singers thought about that, and even fewer can master this song the way Hamaki did. I love the line where Hamaki says if anyone does his coutnry harm he will eat them with his teeth "it makes more sense in Arabic" Once again making this song relevant again in light of the recent circumstances in Egypt

Mohamed Hamaki - Om El Donya - Live / محمد حماقي - أم الدنيا - حفلة


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