Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Dubai City of Love Song is Here!

Dubai is a great city, the world now knows that....I was born there and grew up in those corners of the city. This is a song about Dubai dubbed now the "city of love" this is a song that was filmed and produced in totally secrecy. The worst songs about this song is this, the chorus has the better voice and the outshine the main singers, they truly do.

The singers try their best to come with their best Gulf dialect imitation, cheap knock off. The other problem is this, this is not a son g about Dubai or its people, it's a song about and for the leaders of that city. Visionary they are, you cannot deny that, but that cheapens the song as it would have been a better song about the people of that land not the leaders who are great and beloved by their people. Leaders come and go, but the people are always the same.

This is a proof (if you ever needed one) that money talks. This is not a great song by any measure, the lyrics are a disappointment for a song about the Gulf where rich lyrics are known to come from. I did enjoy the footage of the city, and the fireworks and awesome landmarks. This is a promo song for Dubai, it might help bring tourists, but I think it represents Dubai as Las Vegas when there are so many great things about this city that can attracts tourists, say camel racing, falcons, sand surfing....etc.

Abdallah Balkheer (UAE) Hany Shaker (Egypt), Iyaq Al Iraqi (Iraq), Hamada Helal (Egypt), Nour Mehna (Syria), Wadie Al Safy (Lebanon) have all voiced the song. But I think the UAE singer who opens the song put way too much make up making himself look like a zombie.

/ اوبريت دبى مدينة الحب


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