Saturday, January 22, 2011

Yara Collects AUCE Award

The Lebanese princess Yara, the most beloved singer in the Arab world, and the nicest girl in the business. No one but loves this girl as she strikes you are that lovable girl that can do no wrong. She has a voice of an angel and the heart of one too. She works hard and does not pay attention to little takes and rumors

When she started to sing in 2005, she started by saying, she will be the nice girl with a good voice, not like the fashion singers who show skin and little talent. And ever since she has lived up to her word. All her music video tell a cute (sometimes sad) story with amazing cinematography and has collaborated with a number of directors who respect their profession and most of all respect the Arab audience.

She has a good team in her loyal manager, advisor and music composer Tarik Abu Juda who has done wonders with Yara and still have a lot more to do as the starlet is not slowing down, and she is just begning to warmed up in the Gulf area with her successful and critically accalimed all Gulf Dielect album that was envied by a number of Arab female singer who failed when Yara was a hit.

She showed some heart last year by releasing a great song about Gaza, Palestine and Iraq, one of those songs that made sense and was delivered with passion and such convections.


  1. she has a great voice and awesome looks. you should listen to her songs. I have read some interesting things about Yara here :