Monday, January 31, 2011

Faris Karam, The Lebanses Dude

Lebanese music has always had a place for party music like "Debka" dance songs, there are currently a dozen of stars who do this genera of music You got your Melhim Zain, Mohammad Iskander and others...but none of them is as prolific, energizing and hip as Faris Karam. Faris doesn't worry too much about branching out and doing love dove songs, he is here to party and no one has partied like him for the past decade.

Faris Karam is the most popular Lebanese singer that the young Arabs living abroad embrace, his concerts are in demand all over America, Canada and Europe. But he is also big in Latin America and Brazil where there is a significant Lebanese/Syrian/Palestinian population who appreciate this style of singing.

While Faris Karam is much older that his Tanoora song, the one hit song that even those who do not speak Arabic have memorized it becasue they have heard it every time there's an Arabic party or a wedding. Faris made other popular songs since the Tanoora, like El Gerbah, and Alhamdilah and he continues to be the life of the party. Faris Karam stomped by the UAE for the Burj Steps shopping festival party. Right after the UAE, he has a party in Syria, then back to the Kuwait for Hala February festival and then the US/Canada tours kicks off.

Fares Karam Khetyar Ala 3ekaza فارس كرم


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