Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Ala El Ras" - Playback Band Is Here

This is what you get when you put a young and talented artist in Tahrir Square and give them a camera. they make videos and then write and perform songs themselves. Unlike many of those artists who parachuted in and tried to claim that they are part of the movement, this one comes from Playback lead by Mena Farouk and Khalid Gamal.

This a tribute to the great icons of Egypt, above the head is the translation of the Arabic title, it means respect, above my head is the place where you put those who you respect. This is song is about respect to the scientists and civilization of Egypt and its people.

This is an indie band singing their hear out about the day Egypt was born again on the hands of the youth and the ones who were fed up with the mediocre regime. It got a nice ring to it, the vocals of both artists are great match to this tribute song to the land and its people. This is what you get, a good melody and some rare footage of the revolution documenting the moments that made the new history. Well done.


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