Friday, January 27, 2012

What Passes For Cool In Egypt

There's a new movie to be released in few days in Egypt, staring Boushra, Bushra or some combination. Along with legendary actor Mahmoud Yaseen, and Ahmed Fahmey, a comedy about an Egyptian gal living in London. she has seen the financial crisis

This is meant to be comedy, since you cannot judge a book by its cover, this songe from the movie is meant to get us excited about the film. We think the world of Bushra, but I have not seen her play the wacky side in some time. Not.

Here's a list of words in English that come up in her song, that was written by an Egyptian lyricists--Ayman Bahjat Qammar' The movie is titled, my lovely grandpa.

Oh My God!
Oh, Baby Baby
Wake Up
Hyde Park
Big Ben
I have my visa card

Good luck trying to make sense of the song.
كليب بشري - ورثت من فيلم جدو حبيبي Boushra Werst


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