Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Banat El3am "بنات العم" Egypt's Transgender Movie

There's a team in Egypt's comedy of three dudes (they call themselves the trio) and they have released three movies so far. In every movie they get a curse and deal with it using humor and comedy. First they traveled back in time in a quest for an old Egyptian artifact. Second time around, they went back to the 70s during the funk time and it was funny a treatment of that period.

for the third movie this time it gets tricky. There are three girls that get cursed into becoming three boys. This is a movies that's meant to be funny, but I am sure it has to either offend or alienate some demographic. I remember in 2004, there was a movie here called "the Hot Chick" that was a guy. It was a funny movie that tried not to make any big lessons.

This is how I feel about this movie that is currently plying in egyptain theaters. I have read that some Islamists are not too happy with the movies due to its confused sexuality. some are not happy with the gross scenes it has. I do not like the the scene where girls have dudes legs and hair too. but I have yet to watch the entire film.

I feel that these guys have been criticizing other filmmakers in Egypt, only now it feels like they have turned their movies into the same thing they have been condemning. Here's the movie song where Egyptain singer Mohamed Kilany delivers a song with the help of the trio!

محمد كيلانى و تريو - بنات العم | اغنية فيلم بنات العم 2012


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