Monday, January 30, 2012

Joe Massoud - Kezzabi / جو مسعود - كذابه Pop Sucks

If I start this blog post when "this is not a terrible song", then you know Joe Masoud is not going to be happy with the review. But this is a manly song from a guy who is anything but handsome. He is the hard working male with muscles. And she is a babe that knows her affect on men.

I do not get the picnic part, like he might be poor, but he still can whop a good picnic with lots of picnic food. Roa liked his voice and thinks he really sounds good, so there;s that. I do not find the music original or interesting. However, I would give this song a B.

Joe Massoud - Kezzabi / جو مسعود - كذابه


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