Friday, January 27, 2012

Why Do Arab University Give Awards To Singers?

Have you wondered who do Arab universities always give awards to singers, dancers and actors? Are they the role models they want their students to live their lives by? Why do not they give awards to scholars and thinkers?

Here's why? Singers and dancers are popular so when you announce one of them is coming to your campus, your students will pile up for the event. And then when you give an award, you get them for free or cheap. Who would say no to the university? After all you can tell yours kids that even places of learning value you.

It should not be this way, I do not think universities should bestow awards on people who might not even have went to school. Nothing against Khaled Selim, he is one cool dudes and he seems real.
Khaled Selim ... Ad3ey 3alek


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