Thursday, January 26, 2012

Zade Dirani, Talents Unleashed With Class

There's an unwritten rule that Piano player have to be nothing short of perfect in timing, dress and most dazzling looks. Jordanian Zade Dirani is no different. I have cross paths with him in DC when he performed out here few years ago, but it seems that Zade is only meant to grow bigger in stardom.

Backed by a live orchestra of seasoned musician in Jarash--Jordan's biggest concert venue the magic happens, also known as the Roman Theater. The piece that Zade composed is Zaina and it epic. This is one talents that makes most Jordanians and Arabs proud.

Zade is a highly acclaimed composer and with his youth comes a wealth of experience, confidence and charm. He can fill concert halls and bring on the magic that people expect from a world-class musician.

Zade Dirani - Zaina - Music / زيد ديراني - زينه - موسيقى


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