Monday, January 30, 2012

Activists Greet Tamer Hosny's US Tour With Rage!

It's not secret that Tamer Hosy has made a lot of enemies throughout his career, but out of those enemies no one hates him more than the activists. As Egyptians are slaughtered in the streets of Egypt, Tamer had a tough decision to make.

Hold his concerts in the States and Canada or can them? He has already canned them last year and this makes it harder to cancel once again. And there's a lot of money at stake that goes with the promotion and the costs of the tour. Still some people are upset with Tamer. The activists were waiting for him in New York and New Jersey with singed protesting his concert during those hard times in Egypt.

They even has signs to shame the star. Here's a video of the Egyptian activists--Jersey is the home of many of them. They chanted against Tamer and the military rule. It's worth mentioning that the DC concert went just fine with no incident.
Calling him, the singer for the ruling power--the police and the army. I think there's some truth to that.

Tamer had to get into the theater with police protection as more and more people have joined the protest against the singer according to Elaph.
نشطاء نيويورك ونيوجيرسي علموا علي تامر حسني


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