Sunday, January 2, 2011

Nicole Saba Full Pop Concert

Nicole Saba, the Lebanese songstress and activist is one of the most popular Lebanese figures in Egypt. She stars in movies that earn millions of dollars, she releases hit songs that are smart, fun and catch. She also headlines concerts around Egypt and those concerts are well attended.

Nicole is never shy to express her thoughts, almost all her music videos discusses a topic of important (Racism, domestic violence, and feminism) She is also bold in her outfits as you will see in this music video. Here is the tragedy, when a Western pop singer performs in Egypt, they are conservative, most of the time more conservative than Nicole and scores of singers like her. Not sure if this registers with Nicole that she is performing in a Muslim country and her outfits turn her into a commodity not a woman with a brain. But maybe she knows that, but chooses to make as much money as she can.

Here is the concert see Nicole perform a number of her hit songs including a cover of Soad Hosny Ya Wad Ya Tiqeel. Nicole might not have the best voice for liver performances, but what she lacks in great voice, she compensates for by energy, style and good looks.

حفل نيكول سابا الساخن (كامل) Nicole Saba Full Concert


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