Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Carole Samaha, the Hot Blodded Egyptain

Carole Samah is back to making music that make it to the news. But this time she is making a song that is inspired by the news, the news of the Egyptian revolution. Carole has been busy in filming the upcoming biopic about the life of the notorious Lebanese diva Sabah.

Carole stole the time and went to a private studio to record and film this song that has been anticipated for some time. This is one of those rare songs that has many things right for it:

  1. The amazing vocals of Carole are hard to miss
  2. The well crafted lyrics.
  3. The good story board
  4. And the interest from listeners all over the Arab world.
Carole is like this amazing A list singer that people will wait for in order to enjoy her music. She is Lebanese but she has no problem singing in Egyptian and therefore the people in Egypt are her biggest fans. I think Carole and her team made a good decision her by plugging in images of touristy stuff to help bring Egypt back to speed. I hope the tourists come see Egypt that now more than ever, history is now being made as it has been made for the past 7 thousand years.

Carole Samaha - El masry abo dam 7amy كارول سماحة - المصري يا بو دم حامي


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