Wednesday, March 9, 2011

See This Movie Now "Tears of Gaza"

With everything going on in the Arab world, not many talk about Gaza now and the brutal siege. New movie about the most brutal attacks on the Gaza civilians more than two years ago is now coming to theater near you, but only if you make an effort to bring it, because unlike all the movies you have seen this is an action movie where real people die and real building collapse. Real fire and no stunt men, this is "Tear of Gaza"

The Gaza movie that was brought to life by a Scandinavian couple who spent some time in Gaza. And made this very disturbing movie about Israel's adventures in Gaza. The home of 1.5 million souls in twenty days seen more gun power than many troops wish to see in a lifetime.

Please make an effort to see this movie and spread the word about it, more people need to see it now more than ever.

Tears of Gaza Trailer


  1. Where can i find the complete movie. Thanks !!!

  2. Great!, they are showing in film festivals I know they will be showing it here in Washington, DC...look the production company online. Thanks