Monday, March 7, 2011

This Could Have Been a Big Hit

Here is a good song that could have been a lot better. Lebanese Pascal Machaalani (Pascale Machaalani) can retire today and feel good about her career. The beautiful former model and pop princes of the 90s still has a fight in her. Making Arabic pop for females is a lot harder for them than the boys. Today's Arab pop princess would stop at nothing to win over your ears.

I came across this really cool song of Pascal Machaalani Salmlak Alby, "I submit My Heart To You", the music however does not keep it interesting. I wish to see a remix of this really cool song. The background music is good, but I think better musical rearrangement is needed. This is lively song that really can stand in its own and get played over and over, the music is holding it back.

Can we get someone to remix this song better? This is a song that has the basic music right, the good lyrics and the right voice to perform it....maybe a sound engineer can save this song too. I am now wondering why I never heard this song before, I know it could have been a serious contender.

On other news Pascale Machaalani is in the first trimester of her pregnancy and has scaled back on concerts and other gigs. Her last album was released in 2009.

سلملك قلبى - باسكال مشعلانى على بكره احلى


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