Monday, March 7, 2011

Yo Bilal, Egypt is My Girlfriend Too

Now the songs about Egypt are now getting a bit ridiculous! Now comes Belal an upcoming pop grade singer that sounds like every other new singer in the past five years to sing Egyptian. Belal is a new talent so you know the money is low, but my wife thinks he have a good voice. I think he sounds just fine.

I like his music video and his voices has its moments. He sings for the people of Egypt and his message is timely resonates with some of the folks over there now. I think Belal has a good sense of style and what's trendy, chosing to release his debut song to larger masses it a good move.

People are hungry to hear voices form Egypt telling stories of the mother's for real, we all long to it...they made us believe again. Something tells me that the next song of Belal will sound just like this one, I hope to be wrong.

Belal - Maleesh Habiba Tanya / بلال - ماليش حبيبة تانية


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