Monday, April 4, 2011

Hossam Habib Late, But Loves Egypt

The pop singer with the best looking eyes is Hossam Habib and it seems this exotic looking Egyptian singer has his eyes on Egypt and its people. While he is a bit late to celebrate the revolution in Egypt, he does not to to be counted out as the one Egyptian singer who failed to sing for the most important event that took place in the Arab world in a very long time.

From a pop star you know you will get some electric guitar and light lyrics delivered lightly. While this song is a bit light the matter is not to be taken lightly. There are some fine images the singer captures in this song. In all honesty, Hossam is the love dude, knows the happy times and parties not the heavy subjects, but I think he is seeking new styles. His song brings up Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Yemen. This is the first mainstream song to refer to all those countries.

Wait, he even talks about Lebanon Gaza, and the Golan Heights, this is a call for unity and working together....

Good move!

Hossam Habib A3la Soot / حسام حبيب - أعلى صوت


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