Monday, April 4, 2011

Warda Concert in Libya, Trouble in Egypt

This is a song Warda performed in 1976, it got Warda, the Algerian native in trouble in Egypt where she was banned for two years from singing or performing in public. This is a song performed in Libya back then. It's a love song for Libya and its brave men and beautiful landscape. For 1976 this was a good song and back then no one had anything but love for Qaddafi and his regime (of course with the exception of the dozens he assassinated)

Saddat was the president of Egypt of the land and he was not a big fan of the Libyan regime. Qaddafi was a friend of Gamal Abel Nasser, the prior leader of Egypt. Saddat never liked Qaddafi and both hated each. To get back at Warda for singing there, they banned in her from singing in Egypt.

I thought Arab leaders would worry about bigger things than music, but I think they must have a lot of time to get in pissing matches. During the ban on Warda, she admits that she sold the most records during that time. And when Qaddafi came to visit Egypt years later, they played him the song of Warda to welcome him.

Warda : Lybie 1976 إنكان الغلا ينزاد

سبب منع وردة


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