Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rest In Peace Hassan Al Asmar, You Live On

Few years ago when I was a teenager, I came across this song by Hassan Al Asmar and I thought it was one of his greatest hits. Hassan Al Asmar has always knew how to deliver the bad news and sing for breakup songs like no one can. He was hip before there was any other medium by TV and tapes.

Now that he has passed away in Ramadan 2011--his last work was a commercial and a prayer track. Now I come to remember him through his older songs. This very Egyptian singer that can never be anything less than one of the local boys who keep it real.

This song of his about day dreaming without your loved one right next to you. It offers hope but not before stating the condition of being left alone with heartache after the separation and distance.
حسن الاسمر بحلم وانا صاحي


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