Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sana Moussa: Sings For The Past, Looks For The Future

Sana Mousa released a collection album in 2010 for her cover of older Palestinian songs performed with her warm voice that holds nothing back in its tribute to the oldies of Palestine. Sana said, that those songs come from her memory when she used to sit next to her grandma and listen to the old jazal songs. Sana was 4 years old then. Here's her Facebook page

Sana's style is not dated, the voice clearly out powers the music, music in Sana Moussa's track plays a supporting role. The lyrics and the stories take center stage.
Sana Moussa - vocalist. Born in Deir Al-Asad in the Galilee, Sana was raised in a musical family where she developed her passion for classical Arabic Music and traditional Palestinian music.

Not only is she a vocalist and an accomplished entertainer, as a good Palestinian she is Sana is working on her PhD in micro-biology. Sana studied the basics of classical Arabic music and scale (maqam) at the Al-Urmawi, Center for Mashreq Music in East Jerusalem. She is also completing her doctoral studies in neuroscience. The cool factor is this, her music is about the past, but her career is all about the future.

I am a fan and hope that one day Sana would come out to perform in the States, this is one live experience I have yet to have.
سناء موسى - يا عيونك


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