Monday, November 14, 2011

Layla Eskandar Falls In Love With A Fool

Rare are the songs written about idiots, and even those who get to have a song like this written about them, are often too shy to say it out loud. Here comes Layla Eskander with her Gulf swagger.

I like the song but I have found no love in my mind for the outfit. I think love is about making a fool out of your self. But even though the singer calls you an idiot, she can refer you to a good doctor in the city of Dubai--this is real those are the lyrics of the song.

I do really like this song and the music. I like the third outfit she wears, it's pretty stylish. This is a good music video coming from the Gulf, you cannot even begin how much pressure she had to go though to make this music video, so whatever it's thank you.

Layla Eskandar - Ghabi / ليلى إسكندر - غبي


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