Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Haifa Wahbe By Any Other Name

Haifa Wehbe is many things, a quitter she is not. She keeps working hard for her image. Look she has been in the business for more than 15 years, but she only manged to get on the spotlight barely 8 years ago. So she is a long breath for this business. That means sometimes she is up, other times she is down.

Like a fighter in the ring, she hold out. Now, she is a lady of pop not necessarily a role model, but that takes away nothing from her being a tough cookie. Having some issues with Rotana and the production of her soon to be released album, Haifa is going by the book. She does not want to stay off the airwaves so her approach is singles.

This is the second single from Haifa in less than two weeks. And there are news about a possible duet for her with Snoop Dog--that buys some good coverage. This time the song is about romance, passion and a girl that wants to see her impact on the guy she is with.

Haifa Wehbe- Badi Shouf Ba'ainak Hob /هيفاء وهبي- بدي شوف بعينك حب ٢٠١١


  1. omg i hate her, she is sooooooo daloo3a that i want to throw up, im sorry