Friday, November 18, 2011

Saber El Robaei New 2011 Album Soon

Saber El Robaei is back in the news once more time. Surging after his dazzling look in the Bokra Tomorrow music project. He seems to have found a much darker album to bring him back. The man who launched his career with happy catch pop songs transformed his career by singing darker romantic songs about being left behind.

It gave him a great run from 2000 till 2005, staging a comeback in 2008 and then comes the Arab spring in his home country. Now his label seems to be pushing his new album to be released soon. so far, they have released three singles from is to create a buzz. I am not too excited about the album. It seems all the good songs on the album have been released already and the average ones were hidden. It might be too ealry to say this album might go away quickly, but time will tell.

Unlike many of the albums being released now, it's not in the Gulf Dialect, instead it uses the Lebanese dialect that Saber has mastered as he spends most of his time there. We have an album cover, it looks pretty cool, a bit more casual but Saber's sunny look is back and I am guessing it's pretty cool. Again, the songs that we have heard so far are all Saber safe, no shocks or surprises, just good romantic songs.

اغنية صابر الرباعى - انا والعذاب / Saber El Roba3i - Ana W El 3azab


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