Monday, November 14, 2011

اغنية جورج وسوف - بيحسدونى / George Wassouf

George Wassouf has never cared what people say about him, he is eccentric that way. He does not do interviews and has had a troubled past. Now that he is recovering from some serious health crisis, and rumors that he has passed away. His song denied those charges.

This was a big deal that even major news networks reported the story. Now that he has left the hospital, a new single for George has just surfaced, about people envying him for things like even his laughs. George tells those hates that he has never earned a bad or money that he did not work hard for.

There will also be a music video by Rotana for this song, and I think the timing is pretty perfect. Many has written off this Syrian character, and every time he comes back and his die hard--they are many. Will this time be any different?

اغنية جورج وسوف - بيحسدونى / George Wassouf - Byahsidouni


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