Saturday, November 12, 2011

Carol Sakr Remembers Late Director Yehya Saade

In tragic events beloved Lebanese music video director Yehya Saade has passed away late last year, shocking just about anyone who has followed Lebanese pop. Carol Sakr one of the few entertainers that stuck by his family. While most have worked with him, most went to his funeral. But none has been true to his name and legacy as much as Carol has been.

First she was in his funeral, then she attended his memorial service 40 days later and did an amazing song. Now she is working with Yehya's sister to direct the picture for the song. Watch this interview with Carol and the team. I really love the way Ms. Sakr talk about the late director as a friend and someone who has given her a hand.

كارول صقر تحتفي بسنوية يحيا سعادة


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