Monday, November 28, 2011

Nancy Ajram 2012 Music Video, New Look

Nancy had many stunning looks in her 10 year long career, she has manged to preserve her youth, her energy and her good nature. While stars come and go, many fade, thanks to good management and great choices, Nancy is still number one in sales in attention and in her her family as we..

There will be a new music video for Nancy, and she is promising a new look for this dramatic song of hers. Trust me her dramatics songs are as well made and as popular as her happy pop songs. she reveals some serious acting in those.

This would be the 5th music video from her 7th album. Laila Kanaan will direct this music video once again.
نانسي عجرم 2011 امتى هشوفك & امتى حشوفك


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