Thursday, November 17, 2011

Taxi band Finds Your Heart To Be A Garage

Funky indie rock and pop band Taxi is in the process of shooting a second music video for a song of theirs, they seemed to resonate with people who attend concerts for this carefree band. Taxi has the name recognition and the sense of humor to make good music, but for some reason I have found them to be not that serious about their craft.

Regardless, this band has the sweetest and most interesting son title, your hear is a garage, this is when you stop moving and find a place to rest and keep you safe. How cool is that?

Then there's Mado the face of the band who has been appearing in other artists concerts. But the band has couple of concerts in December (2nd and the 9th)
Taxi band - قلبك جراج.. فريق تاكسي.. مسرح الجنينة


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