Saturday, November 12, 2011

Adelina Ismaili Brings Back Faudel

He is Algerian singer of Rai and she is from Kosovo. If you think about it, their paths will never cross paths.

Adelina Ismaili is back again on the music scene of Kosovo. Despite her occasional slip-ups and let downs, especially in the postwar years in her home, Adelina Ismaili filmed her new video at Paris in collaboration with an algerian singer – Faudel, born and raised in France.

Although in several languages, I love you more is quite well perceived by music critics in France and it is already a total hit in Kosovo. What’s more, Adelina signed a contract with the american music group Universal Music and expectations for her future career are very positive. I wish Adelina well, and hope Faudel will release some new album that will have some Arabic in it.

I like this song, but I have no idea why it comes now, no back story takes away form this song. There might be some reason behind this collaboration, but I am happy to see singers come from different yet similar cultures

Adelina & Faudel - I Love You More


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