Friday, November 18, 2011

Khalid Yousef Is Egypt's' Hardest Working Director

This song Egyptians will dig, and those who are older than your father. I am neither, but I really like this song where the some of those underrated Egyptian vocalists find their way to record the soundtrack song for the most serious Egyptian movie---Kaaf AlAmmar. The vision of the director is simple, make movies about real people, their concerns and their problems, do not sugar coat. Imperfections are fine. This formual does not agree with a lot of Egyptians who think such stories hurt the image of Egypt. So they go one and shoot the messenger, instead of dealing with such issues at the root.

Karmin is a young Egyptian vocalist that was crowned in her country's house of opera by Hany Shaker for her gift and her amazing stage presence. Director Khalid Yousif found his way to her and got her to record this song with another talented Egyptian singer Ahmed Ismail.

The movie is about a mother with five kids and all the wrong things going for her. There are two brothers who have issues and the song plays like a will from their mother telling them to be united and not to allow people to get in between them--not to fight one another. That's the message Egypt needs right now. Karmin and Ahmed make it sound a lot better and the tale as told by Khalid Yousef brings is all together.

اغنية احمد اسماعيل وكارمن - يا خوفى / من فيلم كف القمر


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