Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Saudi Youth Want to Ban Najwa Karam Song

Najwa Karam knows how to hold her own ground, for decades she has been fighting with critics who make all sort of controversies with the sun of Arabic music, Najwa Karam. Two years ago, when she asked to meet her loved one at night, they said, not a good idea for a women to do that. This time they are using religion and that's a big one.

Some Facebook groups in Saudi Arabia namely want to ban her latest song Shi7ada, becasue there is a line in the song where Najwa tells her loved one, after the worship of God, I you are worthy of worship in Arabic "أنا لشحذ حبك من عند الله شحادة، أنا لأعبد حبك من بعد الله عبادة". The song was produced by Najwa last year when she did not feel the love of Rotana, but since then they have made nice.

While most Arab youth are bust toppling their abusive governments, the Saudi youth are busy picking fights with singers.

Other claim the song is a rip of an American movie Nine, others argue that the music video is nothing by a fashion show for Lebanese designer, Zohir Morad who works with Najwa Karam and give her a number of her glamorous dresses.

Sure they might be able to get away with it, Najwa is under a new contract with Saudi based music production company Rotana that tried not to rock the boat too much in places like Saudi Arabia.

Like the banned this song by Madeleine Matar for being too hot for TV.
Madeleine Matar - Amma Agayeb / مادلين مطر - أما عجايب


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