Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Amr Diab and Shakira Concert in Abu Dhabi

Rotana has announced that Egyptian singer Amr Diab and Columbian pop singer Shakira will share the stage in a concert in Abu Dhabi toward the end of this month. The announcement was made on the Saudi based music production company's Facebook page. The concert will take place in April 29.

The Amr Diab production company will be in charge of putting the event together and organizing all the details. We know that the concert will be held on the Emarit Island Yas. Keep on mind those are the best selling artists in their regions of focus and I am sure the duo will have some sizzle.

This can only happen in the UAE, one of those cities where the world goes to party, and the city is global in that sense. It's not just a city for Arabs, it's a city for global citizens from all over the world.

عمرو دياب اه من الفراق DvD قرطاج 2009


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