Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shimaa Said Ramadan Comeback

Shimaa Said isn't exactly an active Arab singer, she is not busy at all and quite frankly not sure what she has been doing the past 5 years. She might have ran the course of her career in the early 00s, but she seems to have been standing in the sidelines why, not sure.

But this Ramadan she is back with a track themed for Ramadan where she is the humble servant returning home. Praying and asking for redemption and being allowed into the good side. To be frank this track is so good that I began to long for the vocals of Shimaa. Her voice quality is not the kind that you meet every day. The level of emotions she injects into her music is high.

اغنية شيماء سعيد - واقفة بين ايديك


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