Friday, September 23, 2011

Akmal, Pop Can Save Him

Akmal is a big deal in Egypt, he is the man of style, call him the trendsetter whether it's in pop or outfits, he is a celebrity. Released his album back in July and it was what you know about this guy a mix of romance dance and pop. He never claimed to be the best singer out there, but he is popular in concerts he knows how to work a crowd.

Sure most of them are girls, but it seems to me the dudes of Egypt dig his style. As for making music videos, he does OK. I cannot remember something magical about them.

So for his latest hit single from the recent album he got a nice car, a girl and some new style, they headed for the desert and then for the sea on a boat. Nothing that has not be done before. My only thing is this, the person who did Akmal's makeup needs to look for another job...Akmal's face when he is driving looks strange

Akmal - Aady W Shaghal / أكمل - عادي و شغال


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