Sunday, September 25, 2011

Most Arabs Were Confused By Najwa's Video

There are few female Arab entertainers who have the kind of strong willed personality Najwa Karam has. since the early 90s when she became the Arab star and no one has ever manged to cross this diva. Her voice is second to none, her personality takes orders from no one and her style and sense of fashion is years ahead of all the others.

Now comes this year she is also the host of the high rated TV show Arabs Got Talent where she virtually entered all Arab homes. But this summer also came her new album where the title song I thought was grade, only to learn that I am in the minority and most seem to dislike. Not sure the fast paced beat, the bold lyrics, it might even be the 3D affects with those strange glasses.

I have to admit the music is a bit much, but it's also exciting. I like that kind of music, it helps me run and walk fast. Sure the part where Najwa Karam makes out the drum beat is a bit too new for most. It could be part of the the words where Najwa says she will no longer sleep unless if she will be sleeping next to her man.

It's what's, what did you think? did you like it?

Najwa Karam Mafi Noum - نجوى كرم مافي نوم


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