Sunday, September 25, 2011

Big Egos @ Arabic Airport For Celebrities

Fame is awesome and traveling to various lands to do concerts is even better. Upon landing in a new country comes with a lot of fun perks, check out this video of Doha, Qatar where droves of Arab celebrities arrive for some a concert.

Yara, Fadel Shaker, Latifa, Majid Al Mohandis all arrive and the fans race one another to great them and shake their hands. This is not Egypt where people are so animated and so crazy about celebrities. This is a conservative Arab country.

Also there's a video of the Caesar of Arabic music Kadim Al Saher in his visit to his home Baghdad, that was a trip that had to be secured by all means. See how much those army officers love this truly talented musician/composer/singer. Note that it's always men in charge of those things so a female celbrity might not find a peer to greet her with smooches.

استقبال الفنان ماجد المهندس مطار الدوحة Celebrities At Doha Airport

وصول الفنان كاظم الساهر الى بغداد. Kadim Al Saher Arrives to Baghdad


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