Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hiba Tawaji: The Reincarnation of Amy Winehouse

Late soul and jazz singer Amy Winehouse has passed away recently in tragic and mysterious fashion. As a big fan, I miss this lady with that signature strong voice that takes us back to the 40s when the music saloons where the place to go to listen to this kind of fine music.

This morning I was listening to an Arabic album by the young and ever wonderful singer Hiba Tawaji and for long now I have been an appreciator of this young voice and her choices of songs that sometimes rock the boat and challenge the pop and karaoke Arabic music that's all over the airwaves nowadays.

Listening to this song of hers, it hit my Hiba is an artist of her own but something tells me about the way she sings, and the style she carried herself and the bold approach she uses to experimenting with music that Hiba is very similar to Amy Winehouse as both make awesome music, and both have strong stage presence. Take the song where Hiba is singing for the Argentinian Tango and the revolution. This is a song where the music is very Amy Winehouse.

Maybe I am reading too much of it, but glad to know that the Arab World--Lebanon still offer us some serious music. I think Hiba will do so well for Arabic music, she music the kind of music the West adores, and she sings about the topics that matter the most to all Arabs. This is not an easy thing, this takes brains and Hiba with her mentor Ousama Rahabay.

check out the sample of the album all tracks are covered in about 45 seconds and you get to preview the kind of music Hiba makes. There's Jazz, Rock and Roll and a hint of the R & B.

Hiba Tawaji - Album Promotion /هبة طوجي - اعلان البومها الجديد


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