Friday, September 30, 2011

Team Tamer Hosny Targets Amr Diab

I think we all need to enjoy a sense of humor about this new pictures surfacing on the net where Amr Diab picture has been placed on a rooster. The album in Arabic is Banadeek...someone twisted that word to become Ana Deek--which means I am a rooster. I think it's funny.

Some even put Amr Diab as a seller of tissues, also playing on the title. Those are all funny attempts, they might even help push the sales. A reported 50 thousand copies have sold, a tiny number in Amr Diab records. some even think the album lack anything new, it's just recreation of the old songs that no one hated. But lacked on giving us anything we really loved.

We are not even sure it's the fans of the young Egyptian pop star or used to be so Tamer Hosny who are behind this picture, but if they are then they are really helping sell the album and getting more people to pay attention to it.

The album is a good one, it will see more than any other album of course, I have yet to wait for a music video to see if the whole Amr Diab comeback is in order. The songs are quite good, diverse and tend to be on the faster pace.

banadek ta3ala Amr Diab 2011


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