Thursday, September 22, 2011

Buy Amal Maher's 2011 "Aref Menen" Album

If you want a good strong voice that offers warmth and deep meanings, then you you need to pick this album up.

If you look for an artists that commits so much time, energy, talent and money to make his craft better, then pick this album

If you want a visible female voice that can entertain, teach and impress you, then pick this album.

If you want good music with high production value where Egypt puts the best of its entertainment talent together then pick this album.

If you want to reward an artist that has what it takes and reward yourself, then pick this album.

Simply said, this album is one of a kind, you don't get the kind of entertainment anymore, and you know Amal Maher --she has always been awesome-has not been as great as this album makes her to be.

01.Rayeh Beya Feen
02.Feek Hetet Ghorour
03.Eteqy Rabena Feya
04.Ana Bardo El-Asl
05.Mosh Hamnaak
06Salmt Mara Aleik
07.Enta Le 3'ary
08.Men El-Sana Lel Sana
09.Damery Byanebny
10.Awel Mayshofny
11.Aref Menen

Rayeh Beya Feen - Amal Maher رايح بيا فين -


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