Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ramy Essam, Here Comes The Egyptian Mariachi

Mariachis are cool, ever since they started appearing in American movies. Now comes the turn of Egyptian entertainers to give us a Mariachi looking dude called Ramy Essam and he is out for justice. Not the kind of justice that sends people to the graves, but the social justice.

And to make his music and message better he has gotten help from half a dozen hot Egyptian actors who were leaders in the first day of the Egyptian revolution (Jihan Fadel, Khalid Aboul Naga, Assir Yaseen). This had to be a rock song and rightfully the singer is called the voice of Egypt. I would add he is the pulse of Egypt

The message is this, give me bread and social justice, and we are all Egyptian united.

Ramy.Essam.Esh.Horia.Adala.Egtmaia رامى عصام - عيش حرية عدالة اجتماعية


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