Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ms. Tunisia Goes To The Arab Gulf

Will Najwa Karam be the only Arab singers without any songs in the Gulf dialect? It sure looking more and more like it as most Arab singers are making albums exclusive for the Gulf market. That makes sense becasue people over there can afford the album and have been largely living away from the Arab Spring

So that explains why Marwa Ben Sghaier, one of the finest young female voices in the scene who busted to the scene when she took part of the Star Academy Season 4 about five years ago. Marwa enjoys a dreamy voice and a warm tone that allowes her to do romantic songs and that also helpes her in her upcoming Gulf song.

The song is Hayawy, someone who is shy. Marwa is wroking on making a music video for this song of hers.

Marwa Ben Sghaier- مروى بن صغير-حياوي


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